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Custom Theatres

Custom Theatres

Entertainment and Family Time

At Fast Homes, we help to bring family time back by creating custom home theaters and media rooms.  We can add sound, audio and video to any room including family rooms, Muskoka rooms and media rooms. 

Never settle for a second-rate viewing experience.  We meet clients who aren’t using their home theatre because the picture isn’t bright enough, the room isn’t dark enough – or sometimes they have too many remotes and it’s just too frustrating to use their system.

Just swapping out an older projector and amplifier for better sound makes a huge difference.  With the advancement of technology, you’ll pay much less than you did when you first installed your equipment.

If you’re upgrading your present entertainment system or starting to build a media room, we offer these tips:

Make the projector a priority

Technology has come a long way in the past five to ten years, says Dave, and the projector you’ll buy today is more affordable and High Definition quality. “It’s the number one improvement you can make. Many cottage theaters we see have projectors that are more than ten years old, Standard Definition and out of date.”

Step up the surround sound

 Sound technology has gone from entry level 5.1 surround sound to full 7.2.4 three dimensional sound, and today you can get sound systems that are even better than in commercial theatres.
For the full wow factor, we can install a box that houses a subwoofer to make the seat rows of your home theatre vibrate and shake. Today, film theatres that offer movement usually only have a box that makes the floor tilt and move forward and back. We add some real rumble...